The Best Coffee Brakes

Where do you like to refuel on your ride?

Waking up early to get those miles in before work? Setting off early for the morning commute? Going on a nice leisurely ride at the weekend? No matter the excuse to ride, coffee becomes necessary for the cyclist.

Whether you’re completing a time trial, a mountain biker or a commuter, cycling cafés and coffee shops present cyclists with the chance to regroup, refuel and reminisce over the miles gone by. A kick of caffeine and a slice of cake to warm the body and to prepare you for the extra miles ahead.

Nutrition is obviously important for any ride, but there are mixed views as to whether the mid-ride coffee stop is a good idea. Amongst other things, stopping mid-ride can affect your momentum, your carbohydrate storage and generally take up time on your ride.

What are your views? Do you stop for that mid-ride or even post-ride refreshment? Where are your favourite cycling cafés? Let us know your suggestions here.


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