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It would seem that for the past couple of years we have been in the midst of a smart tech revolution. We are now able to use voice commands to play music, there are vacuum cleaners which clean up without the need for cords or an operator, and you can even see who is at the front door while you’re on holiday.

It’s not just household inventions which are getting smarter, we are finding new ways all the time to make living easier, more convenient and smarter for everyone. There have been a number of technological developments to cycle helmets over the years, some of which can be seen below.

Helmet Safety Tech

One of our forums recently questioned the viability of an airbag vest for cyclists, but what about an inflatable helmet?

The primary objective of any bicycle helmet is to protect the head in the event of a crash or a fall. The Hövding 2.0 retails at around £249 and this ingenious little invention is worn around the neck and inflates to protect the head in the event of an accident.

So how does it do it? The Hövding 2.0 is fitted numerous sensors which records a cyclist’s movements 200 times a second. In the event of an accident, the sensors detect the abnormality in the cyclist’s movements and the airbag inflates.

Even though the price of this helmet is in excess of £200, it is well worth it for the protection and ingenuity it provides.

Helmet Navigational Tech

Have you ever been on a ride and don’t quite know where you’re going? Well it’s now easier than ever to find your way with a bicycle helmet that has inbuilt GPS.

As well as providing optimum protection for you cranium, the Livall BH60SE allows you to track your ride and can direct you to your destination. But perhaps most importantly on the safety front, is that this helmet will automatically send a notification to your family if you suffer an accident.

Only costing £99.99, the Livall BH60SE comes with hands free connectivity and inbuilt LED indicators, nifty right?

Helmet Lifestyle Tech

Exercise monitors have grown in popularity recently, they make the perfect Christmas present and help to keep you on track with your exercise goals.

There are now helmets which have this technology integrated. The Lazer Genesis LifeBEAM helmet is integrated with a LifeBEAM sensor which can record the distance travelled, calories burned and even your pulse rate.

If you’re not really in the market for a new helmet, then you can buy LifeBEAM kit on it’s own and fit it to an existing helmet. With a similar price to a high-end fitness watch, this technology is a great way to ensure that you meet your health goals.

Helmet Lights Tech

Staying safe and visible aren’t always that easy at night time or during the winter months. Well now, it’s even easier with the Lumos Kickstart helmet that comes with inbuilt lights!

And what’s more is it comes with indicators – although, that shouldn’t stop you indicating as you usually would! You can get this stylish helmet for around £150, a price well worth paying to give you that little bit more visibility at night!

Helmet Connectivity Tech

It is now possible to stay connected with the world while you are on those weekend bike rides. The Airwheel C5 comes with inbuilt Bluetooth and speaker technology, meaning that you can listen to your favourite songs and talk to some of your closest friends while doing something you love.

With the rise of wearable tech, more and more people are wearing body and action cameras, even dashboard cameras have risen in popularity for motorists. Not only does the Airwheel C5 allow you to stay connected, it also comes with an inbuilt camera, so you can take pictures of that glorious cycling scenery and record your journeys.

We would never recommend listening to music while on the move, but for recording your journeys this is great, and comes at a much cheaper price than a good quality action camera, so it’s a no brainer really!

Helmet Convenience Tech

The Park and Diamond helmet is due to be released in the US at some point this year, with the first orders going out as soon as June 2019.

We all know that bikes can take up a lot of room in the house, without worrying about where we are going to store our helmets. The Park and Diamond helmet solves this problem by bringing us an ultra-portable and stylish collapsible helmet.

On the surface of it, this doesn’t seem to be a great idea, the last thing you think of when it comes to safety is a helmet that folds in on itself… that seems rather counter-intuitive. But despite looking like a cap, the Park and Diamond helmet meets all US and EU safety standards and can be folded to the size of a water bottle.

A better investment?

Of course we would never recommend listening to music whilst riding, or that you become over-reliant on some of these technologies. A cyclist’s attention should be devoted to their surroundings and controlling their bicycle. Instead of these helmets, sufficient cycle training may be a better investment, this would give you the skills to cycle competently and anticipate the actions of other road users as to avoid a collision.

What do you think of these innovations? Have you found any ingenious helmet inventions of your own? Do you have any ideas of your own?


  1. Spoketacular

    Some of these helmets are great! But others can pose a real risk to the safety of cyclists. Cyclists should never listen to music whilst cycling and having an inbuilt speaker may only be too tempting for some cyclists.

    Also, for the dedicated cyclist who is trying to slash seconds for those time trial goals, some of these bulky helmets may only serve to slow them down, so it may only be questionable as to whether any sporty cyclists would actually buy them.

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