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    An airbag vest for cyclists has recently been tested in Las Vegas. The invention is supposedly designed to protect the upper body if a cyclist is involved in an accident. However, it may be more than an uphill climb for this product, trying to convince cyclists to wear a vest with a clunky CO2 canister in the pocket. This certainly won’t help to protect other areas, such as the head or lower body and it will only hinder any speed gains.

    Safety should be a top priority for cyclists, but it may be hard to envisage anyone actually using this product.

    What do you think? Is this invention a good idea? Would you consider wearing one?

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    I’m like you. In principle it’s a great idea. But not only could it be too bulky. It’s also going to be one of them single use products, that alone would for me, make it to expensive a product to buy.


    As a safety idea, great! Add all the protection you want. But I can’t see this being picked up by anyone other than the average commuter, and even at that it would probably cost twice the price of their bike.

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