E-bikes on the rise

Electric bicycles (or e-bikes) were designed to make cycling easier. They look like ordinary bicycles and largely operate like one, but with one big difference – they have an integrated electric motor which can be used to propel the bike forward when your feet get tired. This article will discuss the recent e-bike trend and the associated risks of this mode of transport.


The concept of the e-bike is simple, a mode of transport which the rider can operate manually, or pedalling can be assisted by an electric motor. The electric motor is limited to a speed of 15.5mph, meaning that it will stop assisting after the rider reaches that speed. Of course, users can pedal faster if they wish, the motor just helps get things started and can help on those tricky uphill climbs.

E-bikes seems like a great idea, but historically e-bikes have struggled to take off. It is not until recently that they have started breaking ground in the European market, selling over 535,000 in Germany in 2015. But now, it looks like the trend is becoming evident in the UK.

Why have e-bikes become so popular?

There are a number of benefits to using an e-bike, all of which may contribute towards their rising popularity. So, what are some of these benefits?

  1. Tackle hills with ease

Due to the electric motor, the e-bike is great at giving you that extra push when it comes to climbing hills. This can help to make cycling much more appealing to new cyclists or commuters, who may be weary of hills when it comes to cycling.

  1. Cycle for longer

The boost you get from the motor can keep you cycling further than you’ve ever gone before, with less risk of becoming exhausted before you finish your journey. Commutes will be a lot easier for people who are sceptical of cycling to work because of the distance.

  1. Perspiration will be a thing of the past

The less energy you exert while cycling, the less you sweat. The pedal-assisted power will help you expend less energy during your ride, meaning that you can wear whatever you want without needing a shower at the end of your ride.

  1. You’ll never want to drive again

As well as being really fun to ride, e-bikes can help you cut down on your travel costs and pollution. You’ll no longer need to fuel up before the morning commute, because the only fuel you will need is a hearty breakfast. This will stop all of those small trips to the office each day eating up so much of your hard-earned money in the form of petrol. All you need to do is charge up and go!

Regardless of the reason, e-bikes can only help to promote cycling by opening the hobby up to those who are deterred from it.

What are your thoughts about e-bikes? Would you ever consider getting one?

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