Cycling New Years Resolutions

Start 2019 with these resolutions to make you a better bike rider

We’ve all done it, made promises to ourselves to take more care over our bike, lose weight to climb faster and finally learn how to fix our own bike. This year, we’re sharing some resolution ideas to provide you with some inspiration this upcoming year!

While the New Year seems like an obvious time for a fresh start, in so many ways it’s actually the worst time of year to try and do anything life changing. The weather is bleak, any spare cash was spent on Christmas, we all feel lazy and bloated and the house is still full of sweet snacks and unfinished festive drinks. However, we like to set challenges, so here are some cycling related resolutions for you to try:

Cleaning your bike chain before you oil it

Gunky, oily chains, dripping in black grease and clogged with grit are bad for our bikes, but sometimes it’s just so much quicker and easier to give a squirt of fresh oil without bothering to clean off the old stuff. But no more! 2019 is going to be the year of the clean bike chain.

Learning how to change brake cables

We know it’s a simple task to do (most of the time), but it makes us nervous. A bit of expert training and you’ll never have to pay someone to change your brake cables again – how hard can it be anyway?

Physio after every ride

Our knees are shot and we have backache after every long ride, but do we remember to do our physio exercises properly? Do we heck! This one is really important – it’s for your own good.

Charging bike lights

How does this get forgotten so often? Arrive home in the dark, charge lights, simple. Just as you’re ready to ride, you find out that the batteries are nearly flat. No more! Make it your resolution to keep your bile lights charged.

Explore new places

There are so many amazing places to ride in this country that we are setting the challenge of riding somewhere new every month. It could be a sportive, a visit to a friend or a weekend break… it’s time to discover all the great places that are right on your door step!

Get a cycling buddy

To put it bluntly, the more people riding to work, the better. It means roads are safer, more money gets invested into infrastructure and it’s one less person behind the wheel and one less polluting car on the road. This is a well rounded resolution that will benefit everyone, so get yourself a cycling buddy for the new year!

Do more hill climbs

Nobody enjoys them, but they’re good for us. They help to make us fitter and are almost impossible to avoid while riding. So in 2019, make it your mission to tackle those daunting hill climbs!

Have you factored cycling into any of your new year’s resolutions? Let us know below

1st January 2019

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