Cycling Christmas Gifts

Did you find any of these under your tree on Christmas day?

Whether you’re putting it on your own Christmas list or buying for someone else, we don’t think any cyclist would be disappointed with something from this selection!

While we’d all love to see a new bike under our Christmas tree, most of us are unlikely to be so lucky! Instead, here are some bike-related gift ideas that are guaranteed to bring a smile without breaking the bank for a new bike.

Cycling Art

You’ve ridden all the climbs, now gaze at the print. Cycling art is a great gift to get a loved one and can remind them of their favourite mountains, a monumental race, or simply something that captures the pain and joy of riding we all know well.

Bike Storage

A lot smaller and more compact than the automobile, but bikes can still take up a lot of space in the family home. If this sounds familiar then a bike rack may be the perfect gift. There are some great and innovative ideas some of which may look great in the hallway whether you have a bike or not.

Cycling Mug

We’ve all had that draw in the Secret Santa, where you pick someone and you’re never quite sure what to get them – and what makes it worse is this year you’ve drawn the avid cyclist in the office. What can you get them that they’ll both love, and that they don’t already have?

Look no further, a safety choice for all Secret Santa participants – the mug. There are some great cycling themed mugs which are the perfect stocking fillers for our cycling friends.

Cycling Clothes

You don’t need to spend a lot, the best gifts can be those which contain the most thought. Surprise someone by getting them a cycle themed t-shirt.


Socks are a staple item of clothing for the cyclist. Whether long or short, socks help to keep a cyclists feet warm, dry and comfortable whenever they’re riding. With this idea, you can rest assured that at least one person will be happy to receive this clichéd Christmas classic.


Does your cycling buddy need somewhere to jot down their thoughts or perhaps to record some of their favourite cycling journeys? You can’t go wrong with a small cycling themed notebook for your cleated companion.

Did you receive any of these this Christmas? What was your favourite Christmas present this season?

27th December 2018

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