Cycle Training with BikeRight!

The UK's largest cycle training organisation

BikeRight! is the largest cycle training organisation in the UK. Training over 20,000 individuals every year, they offer a huge range of courses for all road users- not just cyclists themselves. This includes lorry and motor vehicle drivers who can pose a great danger to cyclists if they have poor awareness of how cyclists use the road safely.

Courses designed specifically for cyclists cover many areas such as maintenance, road cycling skills and safety, as well as Bikeability for young children. Working to the National Cycle Training Standard, these courses prepare cyclists of all ages to use the roads as safely as possible. The knowledgeable team of mechanics and instructors helped the members of Cycle SOS to learn invaluable maintenance skills such as replacing and repairing tyres and chains.

2WheelsAware is a course aimed at people who drive regularly as part of their work. For example, bus, lorry, taxi and emergency service vehicle drivers. Individuals or groups on this course will learn how to safely share road spaces with other vulnerable road users. This is done by developing an understanding of the position cyclist may take up, common scenarios involving cyclists, collision avoidance and awareness that cyclists need to use roads too. Cycle-SOS has been supporting and advising clients throughout the cycle accident claims process for over 30 years. One way in which they add value to their service is by sending new members of the team to take part in such training to gain an understanding and appreciation of how vulnerable cyclists are on the roads compared with other road users. This helps them further empathise with cyclists about the struggles and dangers they face on the roads, having experienced road cycling themselves, in order to make them a safer place for all users.

Since 2003, BikeRight have been offering these indispensable courses to road users of all ages. They also offer training for those looking to become an instructor, which is testamentary to their knowledge, skill and experience. Whether you are a cyclist or driver of a motor vehicle taking part in a BikeRight course, just like the Cycle SOS team, can greatly improve the safety of yourself and the road users around you.

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