Commuting Tips

Some tips for a better commute

With cycling on the rise in the big cities, its obviously more than a phase. In fact, numbers are still on the rise and it’s hardly surprising…. It’s a healthy alternative which saves money, time and is fun at the same time.

Even though cycling infrastructure is improving, bike lanes are getting more congested, so you may struggle to make light of that daily ride. Below are some tips for staying safe and enjoying the journey.

Keep calm

Even the parish vicar can get a little hot under the dog-collar in rush hour, particularly if motorists or other cyclists are demonstrating levels of recklessness. ‘Zen’ is the watchword here. Take your time, stay cool amidst the onset of adrenalin, and don’t rush.

Change up your route

You can really benefit from mixing up your route to and from work. Obviously it may be time sensitive, so try a new route in the evening and then maybe try it in reverse the morning after. Spicy!

Bike maintenance

Wash it, lock it up safely, inflate your tyres regularly and show it a little tenderness.

Stay alert

As obvious as this may sound, staying aware of other road users, hazards and/or pedestrians is vital. Also, avoid ‘ogling’ or observing street-life unless you’re waiting at the lights.

Respect other road users

That means other people on bikes, other road vehicles and their drivers/livestock. Always give hand signals and don’t jump the lights. There’s a good reason traffic signals exist and just because you’ve not got a number plate or an engine doesn’t mean you’re exempt.

Remember to use your bell! Rather than screaming down the ear of pedestrians or other road users, a decent bell can save you blushes and also is more fun to use. Ding ding!

It’s not a race!

Really, it’s fun to be first to the lights or top of the small incline but it can be dangerous and also pointless trying to overtake every rider you see.

Try not to rush or brake too harshly, particularly in heavy traffic!

Help your fellow cyclists! Share your commuting tips below


17th January 2019

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